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Saving Two Lives

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P.O. Box 194, 2102 80th Ave, Algona
IA 50511

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Our mission is to provide sanctuary and shelter for unwanted, lost and neglected animals; to promote the humane care and treatment of all animals through education and to actively advocate pet population control.

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A little about us

Organized in
We solely rely on donations and fundraisers
ZERO - we are a volunteer-based organization
10 volunteers that help out with cleaning, feeding, cuddling, adoptions, fundraising
Type of Rescue
We are a no-kill, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership
We provide education, and advocate pet population control
Once adopted, cats must not be free-roaming pets

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Choosing between a male and a female is not an easy task, as both make wonderful companions. Differences in personality are mostly attributable to the fact that everyone has something unique about them, rather than to male vs. female differences.

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